By deeply engaging with art, music and social issues, this slow media “KIMINITOU“ aims to reach answers with its readers for a better future in the coming century by in-depth questioning and reflection.

Looking at the rapidly changing current world where information overload is rife, I strongly believe it is time to delve into essentials, to feel and think in depth. Our society is always surrounded by and facing countless issues such as the environment, human rights, energy, refugees, education, food, bioethics, pandemics, etc., and there’s no way of solving them with what we have now in our hand.

No matter the era, we have always been inseparable from music and art that exists beyond information, morals and standards, and which open the door to let us explore limitless thoughts. The power of creativity and expression that musicians and artists have must be highly related to “the answer” we are looking for.

What I would like to do is by conveying all the articles in 3 languages (Japanese, English, Chinese), we share these same “questions” across borders, and come closer to the possibility to reach the “answer”. We will publish 1 article every month, I believe by doing so our readers will be given an opportunity to think deeply about it. Every article will come out with music playlist that is highly related to the theme. Various events will also be taken place where readers can gather to discuss and share their thoughts.

We never find the “answer” inside wind, We can’t conjure answers from thin air, the true “answer” is beyond our thoughts. Stay true to yourself, don’t let anything control how you perceive things. Enriching our thoughts leads us towards a new future. “KIMINITOU” will be a new place to deepen our thoughts and ideas. Let’s all take a step forward together!



Writer/Radio DJ/MC. Born in 1968, Tokyo. Senior writer for “Rolling stone“ magazine Japan till 2017. Chief editor for “DAYS JAPAN“ magazine till Jan 2019. He is widely active and appearing regularly at InterFM897『THE DAVE FROMM SHOW』『LOVE ON MUSIC』and others as a radio DJ, also working as a MC for TV programs, web broadcasting, rock festival『NAKATSUGAWA THE SOLAR BUDOKAN』and music events. He is the author of「FREE TOKYO~Enjoy Tokyo for “free” guide 100」「Bob Dylan Goroku – Seijakunaru Tamashii no kotoba」and others.