This website (referred to as “our website”) is run by general incorporated association VOICE (referred to as “our company”). These Terms and Conditions written on this agreement shall manage your use of our website.


The copyright and other rights relate to the product photographs and other information posted on our website belong to our company. You are allowed to use that information for your personal purposes only. Any duplication, transmission, transfer, secondary use, etc. are not acceptable without our permission.


The logo marks and service marks found on our website are the trademarks owned and used by our company only. Using these without our permission is not allowed.


All the content found on our website have been carefully chosen, created and managed by our company, however, no guarantee can be promised regarding its accuracy and completeness. Our company will be able to stop or cancel the operation of this website, also we may modify the whole information or some of these without notice in advance.

Our company is not responsible for any damages caused by the use of this website by users or the inadequacy to use this website for any reason.


Users may link to our website in principal. However, we may refuse links from other sites that might cause damages to the reliability of our website or that content do not fit our objective.

05.Contract renewal

Please be noted that our company may modify the agreement without notice in advance.

06.Protection of personal information

Our company acknowledges and practices the importance of personal information based on the following policy.

  1. We comply with laws and regulations regarding personal information of the users, and will make an effort to protect that personal information.
  2. We handle the personal information of our customer within the extent of following purposes.
    • For the purpose of operation of our service we provide.
    • For the purpose of answering the inquiries by our customers. (Including identity verification)
    • For the purpose of including giving important notice and when contacting required.
    • For the purpose of improving our website to provide better quality.
    • For the purpose of conducting a survey on the customer's usage status and usage environment.
    • For other purposes relating to the above.
  3. In order to handle our customer's personal information in the right way, our company will strongly focus on the internal management system such as educating employees, taking appropriate measures to prevent illegal use of the personal information and loss, destruction, falsification, and leakage of those information. We will take all the necessary measures to protect personal information.
  4. Our company will neither disclose nor provide our customers personal information to third party unless the approval by our customer.
  5. In order to protect personal information of our customers, our company may modify above content due to changes in law and regulations.


On our website we use “Cookie”.

1.What is Cookie?

Cookie is data files or similar technologies (including web beacons) that are saved when you visit a website using a computer or device like smartphones. Through the data saved in Cookie, we are able to obtain the information such as website and staying time customers visited by their device. Cookie does not include any information that can identify individuals.

2.Purpose of use of Cookie

The information obtained by Cookie are used for following purposes.

  • Analysis of access status to our website
  • Providing information based on customers interest
  • Simplification of linkage system on social media
  • Distributing behavioral advertising

3.How to disable Cookie

If customer does not wish to use Cookie, it is possible to disable Cookie by browser settings. It is also possible to delete all Cookie and make limited settings. Please note that some services may not be available if the use of Cookie is disabled. Please refer to the following detail for the settings of main browsers.

4.Google Analytics

In order to understand our customers access status to our website, we use Google Analytics provided by Google LLC. Google Analytics help us collect information of our website users by using Cookie.

Please refer to the following pages for more details relating to use policy of Google Analytics and privacy policy of Google.

Please refer to the following pages for suspension of data usage by Google Analytics. This setting will be applied to all Google Analytics data usage other than our website.

03 August 2020
General incorporated association VOICE