It is now the year 2021. Last August, this new media “KIMINITOU” started amid the Coronavirus crisis.  Our first feature, “Creators and the Coronavirus crisis,” was read by many people not only in Japan, but also in Asia and around the world.  I deeply appreciate it.

This year, we will continue to bring together artists, journalists, and specialists, carry out discussions across genres, and send out to our readers the “questions” to solve the issues that are piling up in society.

  • Suggestions for specific policies concerning the music industry (especially live  concert related) which were damaged by the Coronavirus crisis
    < Artist × Live music venue-related person × Bureaucrat>
  • Marking 10 years since the Great East Japan Earthquake, the future of nuclear power policy and the future of energy policy
    <Artist × Politician × Bureaucrat>
  • Thinking about the new society – post-capitalism/new democracy –
    <Artist x Scholar>


With these “questions” in mind, the staff and I are determined to take further steps this year and take concrete actions to solve the problems.  We will be providing you excellent “questions” to deepen our thoughts and ideas again this year.

Editor-in-chief of “KIMINITOU” Joe Yokomizo