【Event Summary】

●Date and Time:Wednesday, March 23  18:00-0:00 (tentative)

●Streaming URL:


●Performers:JESSE (RIZE,The BONEZ), Takeshi Arai (the band apart), OhDa! (Darthreider & Koji Ota) feat. DJ Oshow, Tabu Zombie, Keiichi Sokabe, Taiji Sato & KIYOHARU, Megumi Mashiro & Yoshiyuki Yatsuhashi, Rina Katahira, ATSUSHI & Nataliya Gudziy (Ukrainian singer and bandura player), Maria Golomidova (Russian photographer), Taiji Sato (THEATRE BROOK), SUGIZO (via VTR message).

●Time Table:https://playforpeace.jp/

●Donation Methods

(1) Social tipping :https://doneru.jp/plusone

(2)Transfer to a dedicated account
GMO Aozora Net Bank
Savings Account

●Donations Go To:
UNHCR Ukraine Emergency Page https://www.unhcr.org/jp/ukraine-emergency

Japan Committee for UNICEF “Ukraine Emergency Fund”https://www.unicef.or.jp/kinkyu/ukraine/

●Founder:Joe Yokomizo (Representative Director of General Incorporated Association VOICE / Editor-in-chief of “KIMINITOU”)
●Co-founder:Taiji Sato, SUGIZO
●Graphic design:Masayoshi Kodaira
●Stage Decoration Cooperation:CANDLE JUNE
●Cooperation:LOFT PROJECT
●Sponsored by:General Incorporated Association VOICE  “KIMINITOU” https://kiminitou.com/

Message from Taiji Sato, Co-founder

An unimaginable catastrophe is happening in Ukraine.  Small children, elderly, and the weak are losing their means of escape.
They need food, daily necessities, and many other things.
There are many things we, Japanese, can do to help.
We can accept refugees, of course, but let us do what we can do first.

For we are ordinary people seeking for peace.

Taiji Sato

Message from Joe Yokomizo, the founder

Backgrounds of conflicts and wars between nations are complex, and it is difficult to easily say that one side is “good” and the other side is “evil,” and also difficult to know everything. Of course, the recent Ukraine invasion has various complicated circumstances and backgrounds, but what is clear is that it is always civilians (especially women and children) who become victims in conflicts between nations. I wanted to help these victims as much as I could.

I became very conscious of this when I went to see “NO WAR 0305” held by MahiToThePeople on March 5. I was deeply inspired by the music played there and the desire to end the war.

Thinking back, I have worked in close proximity to music through “Rolling Stone Japan,” radio DJ activities, and “KIMINITOU,” and I have always believed in the power of music.  However, since I am no musician, I cannot play music.  But there are many great musicians around me.  So, I decided to ask for their help.

We cannot be the actual person involved in the Ukraine/Russia issue.  However, if we do nothing because we cannot be involved, we will give up everything. I can’t play music, but I am surrounded by musicians.  I can’t go to Ukraine, but I can help in some small way by making donations.  I am not part of the affected parties of the Ukraine/Russia issue, but I think it is important to be “co-involved,” and that is why I planned this live performance.

On the day of the event, we will be live streaming for peace, with the help of musicians who express love and hope, in a live house – a place where people seeking freedom gather.  We will also call out for donations from those who support this idea.  After the event expenses are deducted from the collected donations, we will donate the money to UNHCR and the Japan Committee for UNICEF.

Praying for peace in Ukraine and Russia.
And believing in the power of music.


Joe Yokomizo

Profile of Joe Yokomizo

Editor-in-chief of “KIMINITOU,” writer, interviewer, radio DJ, and MC.  Born in Tokyo in 1968.  Graduated Waseda University.  Senior writer for “Rolling Stone Japan” until 2017.  Editor-in-chief of “DAYS JAPAN” until January 2019.  Launched VOICE, a general incorporated association, in 2019, and web media “KIMINITOU” in 2020.  His recent book is “Konton wo Ikinuku(Sarvive the CHAOS: Musicians and the Coronavirus)”(Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc.).